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X App Studio Group was started at the end of 2012 by a group of friends and acquaintances that wanted to conceptualize, plan and create a unique gaming experience for mobile devices.  The product of this collaboration is proudly known as Tears of the Machine.   Skilled programmers, game artists and composers combined their talents to bring to life this captivating game, which began as an idea from the group’s founder, Mohamed Elzankaly.

We have long had a shared passion for video games. TOTM is the manifestation of our collective involvement and knowledge, presented in an engrossing and well-crafted experience. Drawing inspiration from games we had grown up with, our vision was to create not just a game, but an experience for the user to play and follow. It is a dramatic story that any player can take to heart while having fun playing the game.

Our future goal is to develop TOTM as a series of episodes that players will be able to follow piece by piece as the story unfolds.  We look forward to sharing our story and the world of TOTM with you in the coming years.