Tears of the Machine: Episode 02

Dark Liberation

There is more to liberation then meets the eye
There is more to ware that makes children cry
Fight they shall to end their plight
Fight forever with no end in sight
What chaos is caused by the war we see
What is lost from our humanity
Relics of the past forgotten to us all

Rise up from the earth to wake your soul

The second episode of Tears of Machine continues our tale a few months after X42’s final battle with the GOC.  He has woken up again but under the watchful eye of the Liberation Front, a group fighting to end the tyranny of the Order.  X42 is once again trying to survive as he fights now in another part of the broken world still only seeing strange images in his mind.  But the Liberation Front has plans for him as they try to hunt him down.  He soon will learn the true desperation of men within this Dark Liberation.


Forces of the Liberation Front


Coming soon for iOS and Android.