Aura & Blight

Aura & Blight is an immersive atmospheric game whose premise is as simple as it looks: you must collect ethereal fleeting particles called Auras and avoid their malignant counterparts – the Blights. Auras will help you building up your score as well as providing a variety of bonuses, while Blights on the other hand will give you a hard time achieving a new record. Challenge your friends in virtually endless scenarios… or don’t! The choice is entirely yours.

The game features:

* A Casual mode for a relaxing, unobtrusive experience, perfect for anyone who simply wants to enjoy the spacey and dense atmosphere

* An Arcade mode for a more competitive and frantic gameplay, featuring a score system with a variety of elements designed to gradually increase the difficulty over time

* A full-fledged atmospheric soundtrack evolving with each scenario

* Stunning abstract, ever-changing visuals

  IMG_5806 IMG_5815 IMG_5808


Now Available on iOS and Android!