Introducing Aura & Blight


For the past few months we have been hard work on Episode 01 of TOTM, but at the same time we decided to try out an idea we had.  This idea has now become a separate stand alone we have titled “Aura & Blight”.  It will be coming out this month.  In the mean time please check out the new section for the game.

We hope you enjoy!

iPhone Version is Out

So it’s been some time since the last post.  We’ve been hard at work with the new episode.  On a separate track we made the current prologue now available on iPhone.  Check it out in our quick links the launch trailer and direct link!

Will be coming out with some new stuff to show in the near future so stay tuned!

New Stuff Coming

So it’s been quite some time since we’ve had any new updates.  Mainly because we’ve been all busy getting things rolling with development for episode 01.  We’ve been developing lots of new concepts and features and hopefully we’ll be ready to share a little something soon.

Be sure to check the “Tears of the Machine” section for additional content as well as we will also be sharing some more back stories there.

Stay Tuned!

Beginning work on Episode 01

So with things are slowly coming a long now.  We began entering the concept phase for Episode 01 of TOTM.  Plot outline is mostly there but still need to fill in some gaps.  Also we’re trying to play around with some new concepts and features.  We’re still open to feedback if anyone has tried the prologue and has any suggestions.


We are up and running

So it has been taking some more time then I had hoped.  But the first version of our site is up and running now.  Some more updates are to come soon.  The theme and appearance of the site might change.

More info to be coming soon and a lot of things to share.

Stay Tuned!