Forces of the GOC


BG-10 Attack Suit  Codename: Bigarms

Prototype Color

When the GOC formed after the great catastrophe of 2070 the world was in disarray.  Riots and revolts spread through out and many nations clinging to life collapsed upon themselves.  The GOC commissioned to have a new weapons program developed in order to restore law and peace to the world.  They developed an armored suit to be able to withstand intense amounts of damage on the field, but still be simple enough to mass produce.   The BG10 attack suit was born.  Able to withstand great amounts of wear, these robo-suits became the trademark of the GOC’s heavy infantry.

Though the large arms were made to be effective in melee, operators were unable to use this function due to the heavy weight of the arms.  A B1 pulse cannon was attached to remedy this.  Able to deal significant damage, it became an effective weapon of choice for quelling the outbreaks of violence through out.  Future BG series suits would be later upgraded to make better use of it’s large arms.

HS-20 Attack Suit  Codename: Hunter


An attack suit meant for the elite soldiers of the GOC, the HS-20 Hunter was developed after many complaints were made of the slow and inefficient BG series attack suit.  Though they were not decommissioned or upgraded, it was decided to create an elite suit that would support the BG10 units in battle.  Though Hunters are weaker in armor compared to the BG series, they are much faster and carry much heavier weaponry.  Their dual B10 rapid fire high compression pulse cannons were a success in supporting GOC attack groups on the field.  The upgraded weaponry also allowed the pilots to lay down suppressive fire from a safer distance.

The pilots of these suits are specially trained veterans, who have fought for the GOC for years.  Their loyalty and zealous following of the GOC is how they are proven to be worthy of serving the cause as a Hunter.  Though some of these soldiers have reported symptoms of dementia, paranoia and schizophrenia due to the more confined space of the Hunter suit.  In some instances, the strain of the hunter suit has caused complete mental breakdown, leading to solitary confinement and suicide on occasion.  Still worth the price to the GOC high command.